The Wisecarvers Ministry
The Wisecarvers Ministry

Going along with the theme "Journey", the album does just that....Takes you on a journey down the road of life. The CD starts off with the Goodman's classic, "Wouldn't Take Nothing For My Journey Now". This song features vocals from Chase, Dustin and Kaila as well as a harmonica break from Dustin. Next is "Turn Back Time penned by lead singer, Chase. "Turn Back Time" is a heartfelt expression of humility that encompasses so many of the emotions we all feel. Things we wish we could have done different, words we wish we could take back...Yet, theres still time for God to make something of what we have left. Then the album takes an upbeat turn with "Falling In Place". This song written and performed by Dustin simply states, "When everything falls apart, it's really just falling in place"! Another harmonica break and chorus later, your spirit is sure to be encouraged! Vince takes over for the next number, "The Next Step". A classic song originally recorded in the 1960's, "The Next Step" is a concert favorite for the group. With a rich country flavor, this song delivers a powerful message. Coming in with an AM radio sound is "Heaven's Jubilee"! Page number 110 in the red back Hymnal, this song is rejuvenated with a fresh sound but the same timeless lyrics! You're sure to find yourself singing along. From the minute you hear the first note of "Just Fine"it puts a smile in your heart. With words about the reality of economic hard times and every day struggles, this song hits close to home. "I can't wait until the day when it will all be just fine"...What a thought! Twin fiddles carry you into "One Prayer At A Time". Kaila wrote this song from personal experiences and in an effort to encourage others that might be facing the same feelings. We are so thankful God is always faithful to answer our call! "Only Good To Me" makes you want to jump in a convertible and take a road trip to the beach! With a positive, happy feel, we hope it makes your day a little bit brighter. The next song, "Grace Tore The Veil", slows things down a bit with compassionate vocals from Chase and deep, rich lyrics. This song reminds us that we are no longer separated from God's presence. We can now speak to Him for ourselves since "Grace Tore the Veil". "In Jesus Name We Trust" features pure, piercing vocals and lyrics from Vince. Proving to be a favorite from the new project, this song tells it like it is! "I Need You" was the first song recorded for "Journey". Writer, Chase, had this song for about 2 years before it was completed. However, God knows when to make things come together and just at the right time He gave the words to finish the song. A song that is more of a desperate plea set to music, it is the groups desire that this song touch the hearts of the lost and bring them to repentance. Finishing up the CD is a classic from mom, Tammy! "Thank You Lord For Your Blessings On Me" is a favorite that most people know and love. In most live concerts this song is often accompanied with the strong testimony of God's healing power on Tammy's life when He healed her of cancer in 2006. Truly God has given so many blessings!

The sole purpose of "Journey" is to bring glory and honor to Jesus Christ and accomplish His perfect purpose. We hope that as you listen to each song you draw closer to the Savior and each note makes your "Journey" a little sweeter.
The Wisecarvers Ministry

The Wisecarvers || What A Day

1. What a Day
2. Just Can't Help it
3. Tears Will Never Stain The Streets of That City
4. I Can't Even Walk Without You Holding My Hand
5. Temporary Home
6. I Bowed On My Knees
7. Had It Not Been
8. I'm Going Home With Jesus
9. House of Gold
10. I've Never Been This Homesick Before

The Wisecarvers Ministry

The Wisecarvers || Still Go On

1. No Way Back In
2. Jesus Your The Only One
3. Me And Old King James
4. After All That He's Done
5. It's The Blood
6. Going Up
7. Still Go On
8. How Beautiful Heaven Must Be
9. Stop Playing Around
10. Forgive Me Once More